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Minimalist Schedule: Cutting life down to studying, working, and reading

Today I start taking Japanese classes for the first time in about three years. I’m really nervous about it. Let’s go to the list.

Why I’m Nervous about Japanese Classes

  • Meeting new people
  • Starting something new/unfamiliar
  • Losing half my days to class
  • Might not understand the teacher
  • Might not understand my classmates, who are at my level but speak Japanese with very thick accents
  • Might not be able to keep up with the work
  • Level might be too hard
  • Level might be too easy
  • Might turn out to be a waste of money

You can see how my brain works, focusing on a lot of “mights.” I know things will work out in the end, but I still worry.

The classes will be four hours every weekday for the next three months with only two days off for Golden Week in May. And as much as I don’t enjoy teaching, I’ve just asked my company to send more hours my way. Things are getting busy.

I was investing a lot of time into the possibility of a new job, something that I might actually enjoy, but I’ve decided to give up on it or at least put it away for now. I have a nice job available to me already, which is why I asked for more hours. I don’t like it, but I should be an adult about it, just stuck it up and earn a paycheck. I really need the paycheck.

I’ve also decided to put away writing for the next three months. Until the class is over, I want to cut out everything besides Japanese, working, reading, and hopefully uploading the occasional YouTube video. I need to pass the JLPT in July, and I need to save up money for a trip to Los Angeles in August. Reading and YouTube are just to keep me sane.

I’m going to keep my head down and work. There will be time to rest later.


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